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Some Resources. You. Are. Not. Alone.

This is a Spur-of-The-Moment Project.

You’re hurting. You need help. No one who can listen can do anything. You love them. But it’s wrong. You need a sense of self, a sense of freedom, autonomy, self-esteem. You need to be your own for once, and after once, for always, happily ever after. Many people could tell you you’re a princess. But hearing that doesn’t make you feel like one, not after being berated for most of your life.

This is a webpage for the warriors ready to take back themselves, tired of feeling patiently small and less-than. You are deserving, you are strong, and you are brave for reaching out: you are an explorer, ready to take on the world on your own. But how to start?

It depends. Your situation is different. You are different. Unique people with unique situations deserve unique solutions. The hard truth is, you will have to find the right solution on your own, but not alone. You are smart. You are capable, and you can do this. There are people around you to support you. There are resources, helplines, tools: you need a sword, a party, and a loyal steed for this adventure.

That is what this website seeks to give you.

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